Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Diaper wreath that the boys will love!

This diaper wreath would be a great gift for a mom expecting a baby boy! It can also be ordered using larger sized diapers as a first birthday gift!

Check it out on my etsy page! Custom orders available for any colors or themes :)

Hot Wheels Diaper Wreath

If it isn't listed on my etsy page, please comment me here and I can relist it or you can request a custom order on etsy :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Think Outside the Diaper Cake!

Think outside the diaper cake and get a diaper wreath instead!

My friend and I had joked in college about getting pregnant at the same time and having a preggo club (matching jackets and all). While we didn't end up getting jackets made up, we did manage to get pregnant within about 4 months of each other. It was fun knowing that we would be going through the whole pregnancy and baby thing around the same time. I had my son in May and was expecting to meet her little girl in September.

Babies have their own idea of how things should work, and Little Lady decided to make an early apperance at only 32 weeks! Her mommy and daddy were surprised by her early debut, but were so excited to meet their healthy baby girl. Little Lady is an absolute rock star.  She was off of oxygen the day she was born, was maintaining her body temperature a day later, and within about a week she was drinking from a bottle. Her doctors had originally said she would be in the NICU for about a month but this little lady likes to do her own thing, and will be going home tomorrow after only a week and a half in the hospital. When I had found out my friend was pregnant, I had messaged her sister right away and had told her I wanted to help out with the shower. I began pinning ideas right away for all of the cool things I could make for the party. One idea that caught my eye right away was a diaper wreath.

My friend had told me before she even got pregnant that she wanted to have a Ravens themed diaper cake for her shower. Well, I decided to do a wreath instead of a cake...and I didn't go with the whole football theme either. She will forgive me though because she appreciates having something different than her other friends have had.

When Little Lady decided to come on her own time, we were all left wondering if the shower would still be on for the same date. Her parents talked it over and decided that they would keep it scheduled, because they are in obvious need of all those baby items off of their registery. Little Lady will be home just 3 days before her shower and I am sure my friend cannot wait to organize all the baby stuff she will be getting from the shower!  I wonder if you can have nesting instincts after the baby is born?

Anyways, I finished the diaper wreath today(after a week of working on little guy has kept me busy!). I also decided to start selling custom made diaper wreaths locally using Facebook and will also be showing off some of my other crafts for sale there as well! I had a change of plans job wise and have more free time now during this school year.  More on that later though.