Monday, June 17, 2013

Chalk paint

This is almost an intro of a post that is to come because I am just so excited!

I am using chalk paint to redo a wooden high chair. I can't wait for it to be finished because it will be great to use as a photography prop for birthday and cake smash photos. This is my first project using chalk paint and I have to say, I am impressed! At first, I was intimidated with the whole idea of waxing a piece after painting it but, it is really very easy. I love not having to sand the furniture first, and love look and feel of the paint and wax.

My one big complaint was that NONE of the brands carried a true black color. I found slate colored blacks, but those wouldn't work with my decor. I have a hutch, dining room table, chairs, and possibly a kitchen hutch to paint black and I have been seriously dreading the entire process! Without a good chalk paint option, I would have to sand each piece of furniture and move it outside to paint it (because of all those icky fumes and chemicals). With chalk paint, I avoid the sanding step and I can paint inside, without any worries. Sounds like a much better project doesn't it?

I started scouring the Internet for other chalk paint brands. I knew I couldn't be the only one frustrated with the lack of black and was hoping someone had created one. After much searching, I came across a brand called Van Gogh Chalk Paint. I scrolled through the color choices and came cross one called mascara. I stopped scrolling and instantly contacted the closest distributor for the paint. A woman named Scottie (who sells awesome furniture and is located in Virgina), responded back soon after. She told me that mascara wasn't a true black, but the color Revenge, is! Be still my beating heart. I quickly messaged her back and asked her how I could order. Turns out, she would be visiting Annapolis in a few days, and we arranged to meet. I bought the sample size to try out and Scottie threw in the beeswax sample as well. She was just the sweetest person! I will explain the paint and wax further on in the post about the plant stand, but I LOVED it! The beeswax was just amazing and I had to really fight the urge to taste it...which really would have been safe to do LOL. I love that it is safe to use on items food would be placed on, and I am planning on using it on wooden blocks for the baby. If you would be interested in learning more about the Van Gogh paint, let me know! I am sure Scottie would love to give you more information on it, or I can answer questions as well.

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