Sunday, May 29, 2016

I had that dream again...

(A bit of creative writing, just for fun) 

"I had that dream again." I told my roomate and best friend, Layla.

She stood by the sink of our suburbian town home, washing the frying pan she had used earlier to cook her omelette.   Even completing simple tasks like this, on a Sunday and sans makeup,  She looked like a model; tan skin, long legs, gorgeous dark brown hair, and a face plastic surgeons only dream of being able to recreate.

While I wasn't necessarily plain, I always felt that way standing next to her when we went out.  Layla often told me she would take my bright blue eyes and naturally blonde hair in a heart beat, And While I would agree that those are probably my favorite features, I had to work harder to keep myself at a healthy weight, which these dreams werent helping. 

From early childhood, I had occasionally had a reoccurring dream, which for some reason had been happening a lot more frequently these last few months.  Whenever I awoke from them, I was always in front of the fridge, crying and binge eating things straight from the freezer.  Ice cream, frozen chicken patties, green name it and I had stuffed my face full, while I was asleep.

"Again? I thought I had just bought a box of waffles..." she tried to joke, but quickly stopped once she saw my concerned face,  "Sorry Lace.  Was it still exactly the same or did anything change this time?"

"Same" I sighed

"Lacey, I know you said you didn't want to see a psychologist, but that's the third time this week.  Maybe it would be a good idea to get some help from a professional." Layla advised

"I feel crazy enough as it is...I just can't bring myself to go see a shrink." I explained, for probably the hundredth time this month.

"Seeing a therapist doesn't make you weak;  it means you're strong enough to ask for help and support when you need it.  Honestly, I'm worried about you.  This isn't normal and I'm kind of freaked out from seeing you dead asleep and gnawing on my frozen dinners.  I just think maybe getting a perscription for a sleep aid or finding out why this keeps happening, can help it all stop." Layla had a look of concern on her face.

I know this whole ordeal hadn't been easy on her either, but I wanted to wait it out.  This dream had come and gone ever since I could remember, usually with months in between.  If I gave it enough time, I figured they would disappear again, and my nights would get back to normal.

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