Thursday, March 2, 2017

Baby Food Jar Robot Party Favors

I'm so excited to share these adorable party favors with you guys!  Like most moms of an almost on year old, I had acces to a seemingly endless supply of baby food jars.  I had been on the hunt for a good party favor idea and hadn't found any on Pinterest that were just right for Em's party.  Then, the idea hit me....a diy project to turn the baby food jars into cute little robot heads!  These are a cheap and easy favor idea (which is great, because I waited until about a week before his party to starting making everything!) and are perfect for filling up with candy or treats!

First you need to collect, clean, and remove the labels and adhesive from the baby food jars.  Carrot baby food strained the tops to their lids, so I ended up tossing those and going with ones that weren't so stained.

We selected this spray paint, to turn our robots into metallic looking ones.  You could go with something like this, or a fun color! Just make sure the paint is appropriate for glass.

Spray the outside of all of the jars and lids.

Then, spray the bolts for the top of his head or you could even leave them unpainted for a more industrial look.  We used (size) bolts and choose a fun green color.

To make his "ears" we took nuts and (size) bolts.

Twist the nut onto the bolt, until it is level....

Then, give those a good spray painting as well.

To create his face, all you need are Googley eyes, Pom poms, and a sharpie.

Glue his eyes on and draw a cute little smile

Attach his antena and ears with hot glue or super glue.

Add on his antennae...

I finished up my bots, by adding a small tag saying "Thanks a bot!" with some ribbon around the neck.

We are making some robot shaped candy to throw inside, along with some m&ms! Quick, cheap, and easy favors :) 



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