Monday, September 10, 2012

It's a candle...With a surprise ring inside!? Whaa?!

I love Pinterest. Good lord, the stuff you can find is just amazing. A few weeks ago,  I saw a pin in the products category for Diamond Candles. These candles are soy based, smell great, AND will have a ring inside! The rings are valued from 10-5,000 dollars.
This whole concept reminds me of a grown up cereal box prize! AND I don't have to fight anyone to get to the prize first! Score!

I had been telling my husband and all of Facebook for about a week that I wanted one. My husband, being the amazing man he is, bought one for me and had it sitting on the table for me when I got home one day.  I lit that puppy right away. The scent was fresh cut grass and it smells delicious...although it smells more like apples than grass.  This company not only struck gold with their concept, but have created candles that rival popular brands(in my opinion at least). And let me mention again that these are soy based! I know so many woman in my life who would love to get one as a gift(hint to all the hubbies out there!)

I do have to say, it was hard to wait for the magic gold foil to appear. I felt like I a 5 year old again, with the level of anticipation of waiting for Santa to come. I am thankful that the ring is near the top of the candle...otherwise, I would probably be digging the wax apart to get to the ring and would have to use a candle warmer later to enjoy the candle!

I was also so happy with the ring that I found inside!  I just ordered two more (through a special online deal on and cannot wait for the next one!

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