Wednesday, July 27, 2016

That boy can dance!

Nolen just finished up his first dance session through our Parks and Rec program, this past week.  I have said since he was a baby, that I wanted to put him in dance.  Ever since he could first stand, he would bounce around to music, and even now that he is four, he still loves to dance to the music on Pandora ("Uptown Funk", being his go to dance favorite!).  

When we first signed him up for the summer session, there weren't many options for pre-school aged boys for any summer programs in our county.  We decided on one science camp, and one session of dance.  The dance class we signed him up for, was basically the only one for his age that didn't also have "princess" in the title.  I saw that a mom in my playgroup, was actually the teacher for his class, so I messaged her to ask some basic questions (what would he need to wear, what shoes and so on) and to give her the heads up about him being in there.

 About a week after talking with her, she posted in our play group, asking if any other boys would be interested in an all boys dance class.  My response was a huge "Heck yes!", and we signed him up for the all boys class too.  

At this age, it's mostly creative movement.  At the end of each class, Nolen would run out of the room, so excited and red in the face.  It was a great way to burn energy and also help him work on his gross motor skills.  He loved both classes, but the boys class was by far his favorite.  When we asked him if he wants to continue to dance, he excitedly told us yes!

Unfortunately, the programs has to be submitted spring for the upcoming year, and it looks like we may have a year before another all boys class is offered.  In the meantime, we will keep him in his little dancers class, and down the road we hopefully get him into hip hop classes....because who doesn't love a boy who can dance ;) 

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