Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Birth Story-Part 1, Trying to Conceive and a Positive Test

I have been meaning to write this down for months. It has been hard to put the time aside to do it, especially since it will take awhile to write. It will be broken up into a few parts.

For this first part, I want to give a little bit of background on us trying to conceive and about the day we found out we were expecting.

My husband and I tried to conceive for a year. It was hard having each month go by without getting a positive sign on the pregnancy test. It was also hard seeing so many people around me getting pregnant accidentally. Don't get me wrong, I was so excited for just made me wonder why it just wasn't happening for us when we were actually trying.

I finally came to terms that I would have to talk to my gynecologist to see what the next step would be. I had always been scared that I wouldn't be able to have children and after a year, I felt like that fear might be a reality. My periods have always been irregular; One month my cycle would be 28 days and the next period wouldn't come for three months. I always worried that my irregularity would make it hard to have kids. I set up my annual appointment, which happened to fall right around the twelve month mark of us trying to conceive.

A week before my appointment, I was "expecting" to have my period. Although, that never really means much because of my crazy cycles. I woke up for work and decided to take a pregnancy test for the heck of it, which was pretty much a monthly ritual at this point. Sounds like an expensive ritual, but most of the time I used the dollar store brand. Seriously, those tests only cost a dollar and are just as effective as the name brand line tests.

Anyways, I peed on the stick and went about the rest of my morning routine. I checked on it a little bit later and swore I saw a faint positive. I was trying not to get too excited; I had a few other occasions when I had thought I saw a faint line when I hadn't. It is just one of those things where you just want it so much, you really try to see what you want to see. This was so faint that it really was almost invisible.

I had to leave for work and decided that I would buy an electronic pregnancy test during the day but not take it until I got home later that evening. It was hard not to just go into the bathroom and take the test, but I stuck to the plan. I got home about a half hour before my husband was due to arrive. I raced up stairs and peed on a much more advanced stick this time. I sat waiting, watching the hourglass blink. Finally, the word "pregnant" pop up on the screen. That practically invisible line I had seen earlier was truly a positive test!

I was beyond excited! I called my husband right away and asked him to stop and grab a pizza on the way home and, while he was at it, some champagne. I said I was craving the type we had at our wedding. Sounds like a crazy combination and I am sure someone out there is yelling "Pregnant women can't drink!" at their computer screen. Well, I wanted pizza for dinner so that was easy. I needed the champagne because it played a part in how I was going to tell him that I was pregnant. As an anniversary gift, my husband had bought me a pair of Swarovski Crystal champagne glasses. I had fallen in love with them well before we got married and had wanted them for our wedding. It had been hard to justify the price of them though, since our wedding was simple and small. When he gave the glasses to me as a gift, I had joked with him that I was too scared to use them unless it was a special occasion; I told him the first time I used them would probably be when I told him I was pregnant.

My husband arrived and put the pizza and champagne in the kitchen. He headed upstairs and I rushed around to set everything up. I placed the pizza on our plates, the champagne into the glasses, and arranged it on the coffee table(bad habit, but we usually eat in the living room). I sat anxiously on the couch, waiting for him to come down the stairs.

When he finally did, he casually said, "Oh you have the glasses out."

That was it. He had no idea why they were out and acted like it wasn't too unusual to have champagne with pizza. In expensive crystal stem ware no less.

"Yes, and do you remember when I said I would use them?" I asked.

My husband just kind of shrugged and looked confused.

"Seriously?!" I replied, "When you gave them to me, I said I would use them when I told you something!"

Finally, the lightbulb went off above his head and he asked, "Are you?"

I told him that I was and he rushed over and practically tackled me on the couch as he gave me a hug and a kiss. I told him the whole story about the morning and how I wait all day to test with a better stick. We ate pizza, I had one sip of champagne, (and to those who are yelling at their computer screens again, one sip cannot hurt.) and talked about having a baby.

I tell you what, it was an awesome feeling walking into my gynecologists office a week later and telling him that I was pregnant. He confirmed it and recommended me to an OBGYN. A week before, I had expected to talk to my doctor about the next step to try and get pregnant. Instead, I was there for a short visit and was congratulated on my pregnancy.

I won't bore you with the details of telling family and friends, but I will end this post with how I announced my pregnancy on Facebook. I was 12 weeks on Thanksgiving, and posted this picture.

And a picture of the champagne glasses off of the Swarovski website....because they are gorgeous and you have to see why I am scared to use them unless it is a special occasion!

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