Friday, February 22, 2013

Things take...

...10 times longer after you have kids. Projects that would have taken me a few hours pre-baby, now take at least a week post-baby.

My husband has been coming home for the past week and has made fun of me each day for my attempts in refinishing a wooden plant stand. My Great-Grandmother passed away a few weeks ago and I saved it from going to goodwill. The top of it had some minor water damage and the finish was worn off. It isn't a fabulous antique or anything but it sat there with these big puppy dog eyes and just begged me to take it home. Ok, not really...but I was in need of a project and figured it might fit in pretty well with my other furniture once I spruced it up a bit.

Anyways, my husband has teased me because,I only get to sand and paint one part of the table each day. The first day, I refinished the top and bottom. The second day, I only sanded and painted down the tiny little legs. The third day, I finished one of the middle spindles. I had no time to do anything with the plant stand on day four, five,or six. It is now day seven and I have no motivation to sand the next spindle. I would rather play with babies and then be lazy during their naps!

Hopefully I will have pictures to post soon of the plant stand redo. For now, I can at least show you a before (after I started sanding the top). I am sure the suspense is just killing you ;)

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