Tuesday, February 26, 2013

You want the truth?

Being a mom can be hard work, but it is the most enjoyable job I have ever had. I wouldn't trade staying home to be a mom for anything in the world. I feel very confident in my mommy abilities and know that it is something I am great at. However, there are days I call my husband once (or twice on a really hard day) to find out EXACTLY what time he will be home; I pace the floor around that time, ready to hand my son over as soon as hubby walks through the door. Those days don't happen often though, thank goodness.

On those hard days, I feel like disaster and look like one too. There are days where I don't get to put a brush through my hair. There are days I don't remember to eat breakfast. There are days where my sink stays full of dishes. Those days, I feel like a hot mess, especially when I see everything all the other mommies seem to be accomplishing.

A day in the life of "other mom" looks something like this..

6am- Mom works out for an hour
7am- Baby wakes up. Mom prepares a gourmet breakfast
7am-Mom and baby play
9am- Mom and baby meet up with another mommy for a play date
Noon- Nap-time for baby. Mom eats some homemade soup she made the day before
1pm-Mom and baby play, laugh, and sing for hours
5pm- Mom prepares dinner and sets the table (candle light and napkins folded into swans included)
7pm-Baby goes to bed. Mom and dad relax with a glass of wine in front of a fire.

"Other mom" will also find time to do charity work, have a hobby, and keep up her personal appearance (hair, nails, tan etc.). She will post pictures and status updates on Facebook of all of it. It is hard sometimes to not feel a little "other mom" envy, especially as I sit contemplating how to handle the poop explosion my son just had.

Funny thing is, I am sure I look like I am "other mom" on Facebook. If you were to look at my page, you would find status updates of the play-date we went to, the errands we ran and you would see pictures of furniture I have found time refinish. You won't find a status update about how I want to pull my hair out because my son has been fussy all day. Some moms that I know, seem like the "other mom" too, but I know that everything doesn't run as smoothly as it appears.

It is ok to be messy hair, covered in baby snot, haven't slept in 3 days mom. We all have those moments, even though we don't announce it on Facebook.

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