Monday, July 9, 2012

Dessert Stand

This project only cost $3 to make! I found the glass top for $1 at a yard sale. I had been wanting to make a dessert stand for awhile now, but didn't have a cover. I was so excited when I found it sitting in a box because I could finally start this project! The plate was on clearance for .99 cents at The Christmas Tree Shop and the candlestick holder was from Dollar Tree for a buck. I already had the spray paint left over from some of the boxes I had made for my last craft show.

This project was really so simple to do. I had to scrub the cover down because it was so dirty from sitting for so long in a garage. Then, I did 3 coats of spray paint on the candlestick holder. Finally, I glued the plate to the candlestick holder. Easy-peasy!

This will be perfect for the party my friend and I are throwing soon. We are going to have a tasting party, which is a party where your guests get to hang out and sample small portions of yummy food. Our guests will have to bring an interesting wine for everyone to sample. We are asking for interesting wines, because a chocolate wine is going to obviously be way more fun than trying, say, Pinot Grigio. We are also going to buy different cheeses from Wegmans and will create a whole bunch of finger foods and tiny desserts! I also want to buy caviar because I think this party will be the perfect excuse to try it.

I am not sure exactly what will be displayed on my dessert stand, but I bet it will look great

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