Wednesday, July 18, 2012

DIY Window Clings!

Back in the day, I had a crazy looking bedroom. Each wall was a different, bright color. I had muslin fabric for curtains that I used fabric paint on and also had glued buttons and small objects too. I had Aol CDs hung up in a design on my one wall, using the shiny side facing outwards of course. I had artwork I had made as well as things I had clipped out of magazines hung up on the other walls. My furniture was painted in funky colors and designs. It was totally and without a doubt, created by an 8th grader.

One place in my room that I spent a lot of time in front of was the mirror on the back of my door. I used it to figure out the whole makeup thing, rock out to music, and make sure I looked cute in what I had picked out for the day. Like everything else in my room, I couldn't just let it be and I had to decorate it somehow; This is how I accidentally discovered that fabric paint could be used to make window clings.

You can take fabric paint and paint directly onto the glass surface. When the paint dries, it stays stuck to the glass, but can be peeled off later. I had my "clings" on my mirror for about 3 years and was still able to remove them easily and without damage to the glass.

I thought I would share this trick. What a great craft for the kids to do in their bedrooms or on your windows for the holidays! If anyone tries it out, I would love to see what you come up with!

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