Tuesday, July 10, 2012

iPad in the kitchen solution

Since my other post today was just a quick share, I thought I would post this too.

I often find myself using my IPad in the kitchen. I have so many yummy recipes saved on Pinterest and I usually just bring my iPad in with me when I cook. I know I can't be along in using my iPad as a cookbook. I also can't be alone in hating the idea of it sitting on the counter as I pour water and crack eggs right next to it.

I found this cute cookbook holder from Homegoods for only ten dollars! Not only does it work great in the kitchen, but I can also use it as a place to sit my iPad on a shelf or table when not in use! So if you like to use your iPad for cooking, or just want a cute stand to store yours on, I suggest investing in an easel or cookbook holder too!

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