Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Rainbow Painting

This is my absolute favorite thing that I have ever created. I made it about 4 years ago. It actually happened by accident. I had created the most amazing door cover for my bedroom in my first apartment. I spent days creating it and It looked awesome. Unfortunately, I did not account for the fact that the paper would be super heavy, and no amount of tape would keep it up! I put it in my closet until I could figure out what to do with it. A few months later I pulled it back out and decided that I would glue it down to a canvas. I am not quite ready to share how I made it. I haven't seen anything else like it and with the dimension it has. Maybe if I get enough interest I will give a tutorial though.

I have thought about listing it on Etsy, but honestly I just love it too much to ever part with I think! What do you guys think about it? If I do ever list, how much should I list for?

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