Sunday, January 6, 2013

Nothing More Terrifying.....

Than nursing a baby with teeth. Seriously.

Little Mister has cut his first tooth and let me tell you, it is razor sharp. I am petrified each time I have to nurse him now...and I don't scare easily.

My son has been teething for months. He has been chewing on his toys, teethers, fingers and toes. He has even tried to borrow his friends various extremities, to which I find myself having to call out, "We don't chew on our friends!"

It has been months of drool and fussiness. Every time we thought a tooth had to appear soon, we found ourself waiting weeks more, wondering what was taking so long. A week ago, I finally felt a tooth starting to push through. It has taken a week more for it to push through a centimeter more, leaving me to wonder again, what is taking so long?! Every other baby I know seemed to teeth for a few days, the tooth pushed through and then was fully out a week or so later. I am ready for this tooth to finish pushing up so Little Mister can have some pain free time.

Although his tooth has still not pushed much pass his gum line, I already live in fear. This thing is new-kitchen-knife-sharp...and I breastfeed. He has already bitten me a few times, using me as a human teether while I was feeding him. Can you say Ouch?! The only thing that keeps me going is knowing that all other breastfeeding mamas face this too. That, and formula is way too expensive to use in place of the boob ;)

The worst bite so far was last night and was done by a very sleepy baby at 3am. I took him off, handed him to the husband and told him I needed to get some more water. I did get some water, but I also sat on the couch for a few minutes, hiding from my mini Jaws.

I am a breastfeeding mom though and after just a few minutes, I took a deep breath, zombie walked up the stairs, and gave the boob right back to my baby. As scary as a 7 month old with teeth is, I still couldn't imagine not continuing to breastfeed him. I love our over-the-boob bonding time and can't give it up just yet...bites and all.

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